Saturday, December 19, 2009

Flower tattoos

Flower tattoosFlower tattoos are extremely pretty and feminine and differently styled: small and gentle or big and eclectic; it can be a single flower or a chain of flowers. Such tattoo design is perfect as a first tattoo for a woman.

A great flower on you body is a calla lily tattoo – ideas of its design may vary, though generally it is simple and beautiful in its simplicity. Calla lilies are depicted with rich deep green stems and heart-shaped leaves. There are as well mini Calla lilies smaller than the standard Calla lily.

Nowadays this flower tattoo is popular among girls as it underlines femininity. Generally, calla lily denotes purity, but as with many tattoo designs, it can symbolize different notions according to source you refer to: either it is some country or tribe’s mythology or heraldry or criminal subject matter.

In ancient Egypt, for instance, the lily symbolized fertility, while in medieval Europe it was a symbol of innocence. An orange lily denotes hatred, while a calla lily itself means beauty, purity and grace, maiden modesty, magnificent beauty or a symbol of rebirth.

Flower tattoosAny tattoo composition makes up some geometrical figure. Lily tattoo is generally triangle-shaped.

Calla lily itself is a nice little flower belonging to arum family, and having 10-inch white, yellow or pink petals. It grows in Southern Africa and on Madagascar Island and was first discovered and classified by a Swedish botanist Carolus LinnaeusIn can be as well cultivated in North America in hothouses and in California and Texas it can grow outdoors. It is very popular in Europe as a wedding flower, though at the same time it was commonly used at funerals.

The graceful beauty of a Calla lily tattoo is delightful to look at. Calla lilies are a great choice for someone who searches a simple and beautiful tattoo design.

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